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The topic of the Project and its overall objective improving occupational safety and health in the Republic of Serbia is highly current today, when the implementation of the Strategy of Safety and Health at Work in Serbia for 2019-2022 has been launched. Also, the year 2019 was recognised  as the Year of Safety and Health at Work by the Government of Republic of Serbia.

The overall objective of the project is resulting into two specific objectives:

1) Labour inspection capacities shall be strengthened by upgrading labour inspectors’ professional competences for the inspection of compliance with occupational safety and health laws and regulations, and labour inspection activities streamlined and standardized on the basis of newly established procedures, standards and methods of work.

2) Preparation of a transparent and functional specific insurance against work accidents and occupational diseases shall be completed by devising financial facilities to fund prevention from injuries at work and occupational diseases (separating expenses for injuries at work from those for occupational diseases and singling out both respectively from the pool of benefits based on health insurance and pension and disability insurance), occupational health care to strengthen the role of occupational health services (the enhancement of legal framework to include transposed Directive 89/391/ЕЕС) and creating conditions to put in place a model of an system of statistics on work accidents and occupational diseases as per the European Methodology on Accidents at Work (ESAW).

  • Health protection
EuropeAid reference
Twinning Grant Contract number: 48-00-00201/2017-28
  • Strengthening of the Labour Inspection capacity
  • Legal framework for insurance against work injuries and occupational diseases covering health, pension and disability insurance; strengthening occupational health services and upgrading legal framework of occupational diseases
City / District
Belgrade, Serbia
EU Contribution
1,500,000 €
Implementation period
February 2019 - February 2021
Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Serbia
Implemented by
Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic, The State of Labour Inspection Office of the Czech Republic, Regional Development Agency Senec - Pezinoc